Anyone using GWT?

Let’s face it, someone posts some buzz festival piece on Slashdot, and then people pile on a project in droves. We all read about the Google Web toolkit (GWT)… our knees all automatically jerked becuase it had something to do with Google, but are people actually using this thing? I interviewed someone who is, but, honestly, I’m still on the fence WRT the GWT. Michael says it is a lot like Swing, and, frankly, that’s what has me a little worried about investing any time in it. From the rails work i’ve been doing, I’m getting really comfortable wit the idea of RJS templates, it is the right mixture of shielding oneself from the tedium of Javascript, but still allowing you to get into the details if you need to. Sorry, I forgot, Java people don’t want to know that I’m using Ruby these days…. 🙂