The Code: Drawing Graphs from O’Reilly Connection

As promised, the code for drawing graphs from the O’Reilly Connection FOAF documents is available. The Subversion repository linked to below contains a very straightforward Python script which can be used to generate dot files for Graphviz.

The code can be found at the following locations:

If you are going to run this code, here are a few guidelines/suggestions:

  • You must not graph past 3 levels of separation. Why? For starters, it will take you forever. It will also tie up the O’Reilly servers with requests for FOAF documents.
  • Read the README and don’t expect elegant Python code.
  • In case you missed the previous bullet point: Read the README file.

Happy graphing. For my next trick, I’m currently working on a way to generate the appropriate format for a 3D fly through. Stay tuned.