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April 13, 2003 UPDATE – I guess the real test of a little reference like this is – “Does the author use his own quick reference?”, and in the interest of full disclosure, I’d have to answer no. I’ve recently decided that Eclipse does a better job at aiding my Ant-file authoring than a laminated reference booklet. So, again, I’m consistently seeing about 50-60 hits a day on this page, I encourage people who find this a useful reference to take it and run with it. I’ll leave this page up indefinitely, but I’m not planning on mucking ’round with this reference anymore. – Tim

I find myself using Ant frequently, and was looking for a good reference. There were none to be found – I decided to assemble my own. This document is simply an assembled reference of all (most) of the examples from the official Ant 1.5.1 documentation. Since most of the content is copied directly, the work retains the Apache copyright, and attribution has been given to all authors of Ant documentation.

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Apology: I know, I know. Micro$oft Word!?! I guess something like this should be in xdoc format, but I’m supremely lazy and I’ve got work to do. If you’ve got a better idea, please email me @ I’m interested in knowing if something like this is available in Forrest.

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